An Artistic Statement


I have been in photography for 30+ years and it is my true passion. It is my way of expressing myself.

Photographer such as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Irving Penn, Dorothea Lange, Richard Avedon, Margaret Bourke White and Anne Leibovitz have been an influence.

Most of my time has been in Landscape Photography along with Random Event Photography. Other interests are in Portrait, Sport, Documentary and Wedding Photography.

Photography is a true art form that represents a moment in time that has significant impact on one's life. 

 This site is a way to exhibit  my work.


This is one of my favorite photographs.

The photograph was taken at 6 am on a Saturday morning. It was next to the Malibu Pier in one of the richest cities in the United States.  The yacht named the "A" was anchored just off the pier. The woman just happened to be walking by. I had about 10 seconds to compose and capture the photograph.

This reflects the current state of America. As the middle class is shrinking, the "Heart and Soul of America"  continues to come under fire.